CDR (competency demonstration report) is a pathway for Australian immigration. The preparation of a CDR is essential to undergo migration skills assessment. So, you need to lodge a CDR application for skills assessment by Engineers Australia. You have to show you have gained technical knowledge, understanding, and skills in the nominated occupation through your assessment report. It is the assessor Engineers Australia (EA) that assesses competency demonstration reports to find out the right candidates for each nominated occupation.

What is CDR For Australian Immigration

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How To Prepare CDR For Australian Immigration?

A CDR should act as your engineering competence and knowledge in the nominated occupation. It is a technical document that consists of three elements such as a CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement. You are required to write such an engineering report with perfection conforming to all the guidelines so that it can catch EA's attention.
Moreover, career episodes are an integral part of your engineering competency report. Before you start writing your career episodes, you need to choose three projects or activities on which your career episodes should be based. You can base your career episodes considering the following points:

  • An engineering activity that has been a part of your educational program;
  • A project that you have worked on or are currently working on;
  • A specific engineering problem that you have had to solve;
  • A specific position that you held or currently hold, in such case the career episodes must consist of more than a mere duty statement.

CDR Requirements for Australian immigration

Three Career Episodes Report

You have to write career episodes in essay form which should not be formatted into a table. Each career should be based on different aspects of your engineering activities. Each career episode should demonstrate any engineering problems you identified and any problem-solving techniques you applied. The purpose behind this is the assessment of your personal contribution to meeting project objectives.
In addition, you must number each career episode and the paragraphs within, which is important to construct your summary statement. For instance;

  • Career Episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on)
  • Career Episode 2 (paragraphs 2.2, 2.2, 2.3, and so on)
  • Career Episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on)
  • Career episodes must be based on the work done by you and must be written completely in your own words. Each career episode you write should contain a format:
  • Introduction: It must give a short idea about your career episodes in an impressive way.
  • Background: It must define the context in short in which you have been studying or working.
  • Personal Engineering Activity: It must define extensively the actual work performed by you. It is the key assessable part of your CDR application.
  • Summary: It must highlight your engineering activity and your role in it.

Summary Statement

A summary statement shows the key competency element that you have already mentioned in three career episodes. Key competency elements together with a particular paragraph number within the episode should be demonstrated in your summary statement. Once you have completed your career episodes, you have to analyze them to ensure that you have addressed all the competency elements in the nominated occupation. The analysis outcome should be demonstrated in the summary statement.

CPD (continuing professional development)

You have to list your CPD in a table format and may include the following details:

  • Short courses, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, technical meetings, and technical inspections you have attended;
  • Conferences you have attended and where you have delivered papers;
  • Preparation and presentation of materials for courses, seminars, and conferences;
  • Private study including books, journals, manuals, etc;
  • Post-graduation study details

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