If you desire to become an engineer in Australia, you have to lodge a CDR application for migration skills assessment only if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. A CDR is a short name given to a competency demonstration report. It is a technical report that is required to demonstrate your engineering competence and knowledge in the nominated occupation. The leading professional body in Australia, Engineers Australia (EA) assesses your competency report to check your eligibility in the nominated occupation. You are required to get EA's approval if you want your migration visa to Australia.

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CDR Writers In Germany

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You can find numerous writers in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. If you are from Berlin, you can take advantage of our services. We are connected with highly qualified CDR Writers in each engineering discipline to guide and support you in your report writing. The writers expertly prepare your report by leaving no stone unturned so that you can get the finest services from us. You get the following assistance from our writers:

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CDR Australia Migration

Whether you need a migration visa for Australia or permanent residency (PR) in Australia, you will have to mandatorily undergo a migration skills assessment. This assessment is held by Engineers Australia with a motive to find the most eligible candidates for Australian immigration. So, framing a CDR application plays a significant role if you are seeking your migration visa or PR for Australia.

How To Frame Australia CDR Report in Germany?

Drafting a competency demonstration report is not everyone's cup of tea. You have to allocate yourself ample time to write such a technical engineering document. It is an extensive piece of writing that consists of the below three elements:

  1. Three Career Episodes: You have to format three career episodes focusing on distinct facets of your engineering activities. Each element must be focused on how you applied your engineering skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. It should be formatted into an essay form together with a paragraph number. You must write it in your own words using first person singular pronoun. Each episode must comprise four sections; introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary.
  2. A Summary Statement: You have to draft a summary statement for all career episodes by summarizing your competency elements in the nominated occupation.
  3. A CPD (continuing professional development): Your CPDs should be listed in a proper tabular format consisting of title, date, duration, location, and organizer details.
CDR Writing Help In Germany

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