CDR (competency demonstration report) is an engineering handwritten document, which is essential to go through migration skills assessment. Every engineering candidate who seeks skilled Australian Immigration has to lodge a CDR application to Engineers Australia (EA) for skills assessment. It is not easy to prepare a competency demonstration report as it is a technical report. It requires lots of effort, time and in-depth knowledge. It is Engineers Australia (EA), the leading and reputed assessing body in Australia that strictly assesses your report to check your engineering eligibility in the nominated occupation. So, you have to prepare a high-quality report that can catch EA's attention.

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CDR Writers In Kenya

If you are from Kenya and want your immigration to Australia as an engineer, you must prepare a compelling CDR for assessment so that can ensure your immigration. However, it is complex work to create an impressive report. You do not need to worry if you are unable to create such a report. You can hire our CDR Writers in Kenya to get your task done excellently on time. We are connected with a number of professional experts who are experienced enough in writing such a technical report. They are well-versed in their subject domain and well-acquainted with the procedure and guidelines of MSA (Migration Skills Assessment). So, you get the following support from them when you avail services:

  • The writers assist you in developing three career episodes as per your learning and work experiences.
  • They help you write your summary statement perfectly as per the guidelines.
  • They help you create a list of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) expertly.
  • They not only help you write your engineering documents but also help you choose proper projects.
  • You can also develop an impressive Curriculum Vitae/resume by taking our writers' assistance.

CDR Writers In Nairobi

You can hire CDR writers from wherever you are in Kenya if you are in need of that kind of support and guidance. For example; if you are from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, you can hire our writers to get your task done expertly. We have professional CDR Writers in Nairobi to assist you in writing your engineering documents. When you hire our experts, they will help you in the following ways:

  • They help you create an awesome CDR application complying with all the guidelines and procedures.
  • They help you clear your concept and help you learn the right approach to drafting your competency report.
  • They undergo different steps to create a top-notch report for you so that you can ensure your immigration.

CDR Australia Migration

If you want your Australian migration visa, you have to prepare a competency demonstration report for skills assessment. Preparing a CDR application for MSA is the only way by which you can get a migration visa or permanent residency (PR) in Australia. You can lodge your engineering competency application in one of the four engineering occupational categories; professional engineering, engineering technologist, engineering associate and engineering manager.

You can ensure your success in getting a migration visa or permanent residency in Australia by getting our services.

How To Make Impressive CDR Report?

A CDR is a lengthy technical report that primarily contains three elements; three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD. You mainly focus on preparing three career episodes that are key assessable parts of your engineering application. You must choose proper projects before writing your CDR application. You have to keep the following points in mind while writing your engineering report:

  • You must consider writing your competency report in your own words and in the English language.
  • While demonstrating your competency elements, you must use first-person singular pronouns such as 'I' or 'me' instead of 'we' or 'us'.
  • Each career episode must focus on distinct aspects of your engineering activities.
  • Each episode should illustrate how you applied your engineering knowledge in the nominated occupation.
  • You must number each career episode and the paragraphs within so that you can refer to them in the summary statement.
  • You have to prepare a summary statement to cross-reference your competency elements in the particular paragraph in each episode where it occurs.
  • You also need to prepare all your relevant CPDs (continuing professional development) in a tabular format (title, date, duration, venue, and organizer).
CDR Writing Help In Kenya
If you want to get benefit from CDR Services, you must avail CDR Writing Services In Kenya from us. We have been delivering CDR Services in Kenya for years and always helped our users with their skills assessment and degree assessment. Whether you are going to apply for skills assessment or degree assessment, you can avail yourself of CDR Services in Kenya. We are here to provide you with the utmost help in your successful assessment by EA.
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