When an engineering candidate seeks overseas qualifications or skills assessment from Engineers Australia in order to get job opportunities then he/she has to undergo migration skills assessment to achieve what he/she wants. So, a competency demonstration report (CDR) becomes a key document for migrants.

One needs to lodge a CDR application to Engineers Australia (assessing body) to demonstrate the knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation category. Engineers Australia (EA) is a leading professional body in Australia that assesses your ability in order to check your eligibility and engineering competencies. As EA strictly reviews the competency report of candidates with high level software, it becomes challenging for candidates to get EA's approval letter for PR or Visa processing to live or work in Australia country.

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Writing CDR Report Engineers Australia

Engineering demonstration report is a technical as well as a customized list of documents that needs to be prepared with the utmost care and plagiarism free. However, your Australia CDR report should also contain other documentation as well. You need to follow the below steps to lodge your assessment to EA:
  • You have to prepare your personal documentation such as a document of your personal documentation, a passport style photograph, CV/resume, name change document, and English language test result;
  • Nominate your preferred occupational category: professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering manager, and engineering associate;
  • Prepare your academic certificates, official academic transcripts, and any other academic documentation;
  • If your career episodes are based on work experiences, you must provide evidence of employment;
  • Draft a CPD statement, three career episodes, and a summary statement;
  • When you get all your documents ready, they log into myPortal and lodge a CDR application.

CDR Preparation Engineers Australia - Get Samples PDF and Template

A CPD is the means via which you keep yourself up-to-date with the developments in the engineering field after you have attained your post-graduation study. You must include all your relevant CPD in your competency report. You must frame your CPD in a tabular format (title, date, duration, venue, and organizer) and should include the following details:
  • Your post-graduation study details
  • Conferences you visited and at which you have delivered papers;
  • Seminars, workshops, short courses, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings you have attended;
  • Services to the engineering profession;
  • Preparation and presentation of course, conferences, and seminar material;
  • Private study of the journals, books, and order manuals to gain knowledge.

Three (3) Career Episodes Writing

You need to frame three career episodes. Before you start drafting your career episodes, you should choose the right projects to define career episodes. Career episodes demonstrate your engineering educational qualification and work experience. So, you have to illustrate each career episode based on different facets of your engineering activities. In each episode, you should focus on how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. You have to frame each episode in the below format:
  • Introduction: This is the section where you need to introduce your readers to the career episode.
  • Background: It provides the context in which you have been studying or working.
  • Personal Engineering Activity: It defines the actual work performed by you that should show how you applied your engineering knowledge to accomplish complex engineering tasks.
  • Summary: It highlights your impressions of engineering activity and your role in it.
CDR Summary Statement

After the completion of your career episodes, you need to analyze them and show the analysis result in the summary statement. While analyzing, you need to ensure that you have addressed all the competency elements for the nominated occupation.
It cross-references the competency elements that you have mentioned in a particular paragraph of your career episode.

Tips To Be Remembered While Writing CDR Engineers

To confirm your successful skills assessment by Engineers Australia, you must comply with all the guidelines and procedures that are published by EA. Moreover, you should follow the following points:
  • You must try to write your competency report in the English language and in your own words.
  • You must write each narrative of career episodes using first-person such as 'I' or 'me' instead of 'we' or 'us', which will help your assessor to check what your personal contribution was.
  • You need to write your CDR application in a coherent form and in persuasive language.
  • You must number each career episode and the paragraphs within to refer to them in the summary statement.
  • Do not plagiarize any information from others. Keep your report 100% original and error-free.

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