It is crucial to prepare a competency demonstration report (CDR) for migration skills assessment if you are seeking skilled Australian immigration. A CDR is a technical document that is prepared to show one's engineering competence and skills in the nominated occupation. Moreover, through your competency report, you have to demonstrate how you build your technical understanding, knowledge, and competencies in the nominated occupation such as professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering manager, and engineering associate.

It is the assessor, Engineers Australia (EA) who assesses your competency report through skills assessment. However, it is not everyone's cup of tea to get EA's approval on the very first attempt. If you want to succeed, you will have to create a magnificent CDR application for migration skills assessment.

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CDR Writers In Nigeria

You can find a number of expert writers in each engineering discipline when you visit our platform. We have brilliant writers who come from several MNCs. They are expert enough in writing such type of technical report as they have expertise and years of experience. A competency demonstration report is a lengthy piece of writing so; they help you in writing all the elements:

  • They help you develop three career episodes awesomely based on your learning and work experiences.
  • They help you frame a summary statement for all your career episodes.
  • They assist you in listing your relevant continuing professional development.
  • They prepare updated resume/curriculum vitae for you.
  • You can also get help in choosing three career projects from professional experts.

CDR Writers in Abuja

Are you from Abuja? Well! You can avail CDR Writers' assistance in Abuja if you are struggling to prepare your engineering report for skills assessment. Whether you are living in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, or other parts of the country, you can easily hire our writers to get your job done efficiently. We are connected with many professional writers to assist you in writing your competency report. They help get rid of all the problems that you have relating to report writing:

  • Our professional experts in Abuja help you know the right approach to creating a compelling CDR conforming to all the guidelines.
  • The writers themselves go through several steps like gathering information, formatting, writing, editing, and proofreading in order to provide you with an excellent report.
  • They help you know how to demonstrate the competency elements excellently through your educational learning and work experiences.

CDR Australia Migration

You can ensure getting a migration visa for Australia only if you prepare your competency report perfectly by complying with all the rules and procedures. Preparing a competency report is the only way through which you can get permanent residency (PR) in Australia. However, it is challenging to get PR approval from the assessor, Engineers Australia. You will be required to draft an EA-acceptable competency report. Whether you want to get a migration visa or PR, you will need to complete the migration skills assessment.

How To Make Australia CDR Report?

Preparing a CDR application has always been an arduous task for engineering applicants. They struggle to create the element of their reports (career episodes, a summary statement, a CPD). You need to keep the following steps in mind while writing your competency report:

  • You need to draft three career episodes demonstrating the different aspects of your knowledge.
  • Your elements of competency should focus on knowledge and skill base, engineering application ability, and professional and personal attributes.
  • You must write career episodes in your own words and define your competencies using first-person singular pronouns and active voice form.
  • Do not forget to number each career episode and the paragraphs within so that you can refer to them later in the summary statement.
  • You must prepare a summary statement to summarize all the competency elements by referring to the particular career episode's paragraph number.
  • Prepare a list of CPD (continuing professional development) in a table format containing the title, date, duration, venue, and organizer details.
CDR Writing Help In Nigeria

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