A CDR becomes significant for those engineering candidates who seek engineering job opportunities in Australia. A CDR is a migration pathway through which one can immigrate to Australia. One has to lodge a CDR application to Engineers Australia for migration skills assessment in order to get a migration visa.

If you are an engineer from Oman and seek Australian immigration, you will need to prepare your competency report demonstrating your engineering skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. It is the assessor Engineers Australia that assesses your competency report to decide on your approval.

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CDR Australia migration

If you seek either permanent residency (PR) or migration visa for Australia, you will need to complete the skills assessment. You are mandatorily required to go through a migration skills assessment, which is organized by the leading professional body, Engineers Australia. The skills assessment is necessary to check your engineering competencies in the nominated occupation. Therefore, A CDR is a migration pathway, which plays a significant role in your skilled Australian immigration.

How To Create Australia CDR Application?

As you know a competency report is a technical report that requires your utmost focus, deep analysis, in-depth knowledge, and sufficient time. It consists of three technical elements; career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD.

  • Career episodes: you are required to draft 3 career episodes and each should be focused on distinct aspects of your engineering activities. You have to demonstrate how you applied your engineering skills in the nominated occupation. It should be on your knowledge and skill base, engineering application ability, and professional and personal attributes. It must be crafted into four sections; introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary.
  • Summary statement: You need to draft a summary statement for all career episodes. It summarizes your competency elements with a particular paragraph number within a career episode. After completing your career episodes, you have to analyze them to ensure you have addressed all the competency elements in the nominated occupation.
  • A CPD: Continuing professional development (CPD) is a process through which you can show you have kept yourself updated with the development in the engineering field. You need to list all your CPD in a tabular form
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