1. Introduction:

CE 1.1

The first career will demonstrate comprehensively the details of my project which is under the name of “Greenfield Aluminum Smelter Project”. All the project tasks were allocated to me as a Process Engineer. It was initiated in February 2009 and due date for the project termination was December 2010. The project was done by Northeasternuniversity Engineering & Research Institute Co. Ltd., which is based in Shenyang city, China.

  1. Background:

CE 1.2

The project is based inZoupingCity, Shandong Province. It has four distinctive seasons. The average temperature is about 26.8℃ in summer and -3℃ in winter. The lowest temperature in winter is about -10℃. And highest temperature in summer is about 39℃. It was a wasteland near a mountain before construction. The distance from the area to the center of the city is about 15km. Water and power can be provided easily from the main network. The city road is only 1km away from the project area.

CE 1.3

As this project is called a greenfield Aluminum Smelter which is developed by selecting any type of aluminum cells. The most appropriate type of Aluminum cells used for this project was NEUI400 (400kA) and its capacity is 40kt/a. Northeastern University Engineering & Research Co. Ltd was responsible for the engineering of this project. The chief project objectives were:

  1. Built an aluminium smelter plant as per engineering standards.
  2. Improved the design of cells

CE 1.4

To perform all the allocated tasks, I was responsible for the following deeds.

  • Performed the engineering of cast house, pot room, maintenance building and lab building.
  • Prepared the process description for feasibility studies report, developedthe technical program, equipment sizing, prepared equipment layout drawings, and cell test report writing.
  • Coordinated with the project team on the construction site.
  • Visited the construction site every day to check the progress of each shop.
  • Attended meetings and resolved all the encountered issues efficiently.


  1. Introduction:

CE 2.1

The episode is the illustration of the project “Design of an Alumina Plant”. I fulfill all the project responsibilities as a Process Engineer. It was commenced in November 2013 and finished in December 2014. The project was done by BeiingWorleyEngineering & Technology Co., Ltd.The location where the project was carried out is Beijing city, China.

  1. Background:

CE 2.2

The project aim was to upgrade the existing alumina plant because the existing plant had been operated for many yearsand some of the plant parts needed to be upgraded in order to increase production efficiency. This was done by completing the technical upgradingdrawings for an alumina plant which belongs to ALCOA. In order to complete the job efficiently and economically, Worley Beijing office supported Perth office and performed the work together.

CE 2.3

The following core functions were performed by me:

  • Checked the drawings provided by the Perth office, drew a process flowchart, and calculated the size of equipment, pipelines, and make comments on drawings.
  • Calculated the input and output of equipment to make assure a smooth process.
  • Selected appropriate valve types and developed process parameters.
  • Reviewed the process drawings submitted by drafters, check equipment connections, pipelines, valves, etc. to make sure that all the modification were consistent with comments.
  • Communicate with other engineers about any technical questions raised by the Beijing office and any comments feedback by Perth office.
  • Prepared and submitted MHs estimates to Perth office
  • Arranged proper drafting and engineering resource to complete work


  1. Introduction:

CE 3.1

The last career episode represents the project “Rare Earth Pilot Plant” which was conducted from Dec 2016 and it is still going on. I performed the role of Process Engineer for this project and this project was allocated to China Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.) which is based in Beijing city, China.

  1. Background:

CE 3.2

The rare earth pilot plant is a green-field project. The annual mineral treatment capacity of this plant is about 60kt. The process occurring in the plant includes mining, beneficiation, and hydrometallurgy. The customer provided the DFS files which included the process package. The contractor of this project isSinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltd. The objectives of this project were to build a rare earth pilot plant and to test as well as improve the progress in order to build a larger plant which is 10 times of the pilot plant.

CE 3.3

The below points show my roles and responsibilities:

  • Prepared equipment quotation of Bene area for the customer before the contract signed.
  • Reviewed the process drawings for Bene area
  • Checked the equipment sizes for Bene area
  • Reviewed equipment bidding documents for Bene area
  • Negotiated with the vendors for the supply of equipment.
  • Coordinated between the customer and engineering company about the drawings received and submitted
  • Prepared project weekly progress reports and managed all the project activities.

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