Process Implementation and Refining of Petroleum Oil

  1. Introduction

[CE 1.1]

The project “Process Implementation and Refining of Petroleum Oil” was done during my work tenure as Petroleum Engineer at China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation Ltd. The work duration was from [Date] – [Date].

  1. Background

[CE 1.2]Explain nature of the project

When I recovered crude oil from the surface I delivered and processed it into usable petroleum goods. After that, I transferred the items to end-users or dealers (like gasoline places or the business that delivers heating petroleum to users’ houses, if the user has an oil furnace). I categorized the whole well-to-consumer distribution system for petroleum goods into 3 parts.

[CE 1.6] Responsibilities:

  • I worked on oil volume being considered as the API major gravitation in the refinery.
  • I carried out the components separating process which was dependent on the volatility.
  • I worked on attaining the specific physiological qualities followed by reforming and entailing to modify the hydrocarbon chemical composition.
  • I utilized and maintained the fracturing and drilling equipment.
  • I worked on drilling and extractions.
  • I researched methods for the extraction of gas and oil.
  • I analyzed the reservoirs and rocks formation.
  • I did the inclusion of the dilution which was the process initial step and then heating was done of the crude oil which was then placed or distillation.



Oil field equipment Installation, Maintenance, and Operation

  1. Introduction

[CE 2.1]

The project work as “Oil field equipment Installation, Maintenance, and Operation” and I worked as Petroleum Engineer in the project. The project tenure was from [Date] – [Date] and it was for [Organization] at [Location].

  1. Background

[CE 2.2]Explain nature of the project

I did all modifications on the item by ITT-authorized technicians and competent electricians. Facilities in exploding atmospheric conditions were subject to additional regulations. I analyzed all users of the dangers of electric current as well as the molecular and physiological properties of the gas, vapor, or both existent in hazardous locations. I maintained ex-approved items following worldwide and local regulations.

[CE 2.6] Duties:

  • I implemented checking of the device which was followed by the gearheads, rotors, and motors operational checking.
  • I did an analysis of the bearing framework and physical seal without causing any specific damage to the motor.
  • I did pumps placement and supporting plate on the pits covering gently when access to the presence of the bottom edge.
  • I worked on preventing the warping of the pit cover and torque was set with the anchoring screws in the star design.



Inspected Gas and oil wells to identify installations

  1. Introduction

[CE 3.1]

The project “Inspected Gas and Oil Wells for Identify Installations” was done during my work tenure at [Organization]. It was from [Date] – [Date] and I worked as Petroleum Engineer in the project.

  1. Background

[CE 3.2]Explain nature of the project

My examination involves field operations to do a self-assessment of their good integrity management system (WIMS) to ensure conformity with applicable standards and advice, and also provide the necessary documentary proof for the inspector’s examination. After that, I set role-specific questions that would be administered. I examined that risk control was especially important for compromised wells as their mature and progress through their life cycle.

[CE 3.6] Duties:

  • I did an evaluation of the technical activities by applying petroleum engineering concepts.
  • I did removal processes examination with the precautionary measures which were taken with the selection of location.
  • I utilized the flowing liquid in rotating well drills for cleansing and conditioning the counteract formation damage.
  • I did the liquids’ hydraulic head calculation which was in relation to the sparging to that of the water.
  • I was responsible for identifying the different installations that were present in these wells.
  • I evaluated various well sites and conducting thorough inspections to ensure that all equipment was functioning properly and in compliance with safety regulations.

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