If one wants to get skilled Australian immigration, one has to prepare a competency demonstration report (CDR) for Engineers Australia (Assessing Body). A CDR is an engineering document that is mandatory for engineering candidates who want their skilled migration visas for Australia. Hence, you have to go through a migration skills assessment if you want EA's approval for your Australian immigration.

Through a CDR assessment, you have to display your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. Engineers Australia (EA) is a leading professional body in Australia that evaluates your CDR to check whether you are eligible for the nominated occupation or not.

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What is Chemical Engineer (233111) CDR?

You have to lodge a CDR assessment to Engineers Australia (EA) in order to undergo a migration skills assessment. A chemical engineering CDR (competency demonstration report) is prepared with a motive to get better engineering job opportunities in Australia. You are required to demonstrate your chemical engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation through your CDR assessment.

You must prepare the following documents to lodge a successful CDR:

  • Prepare three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD
  • Prepare your personal documentation such as a passport-size photograph, prime ID, English language test result, and resume/curriculum vitae
  • Prepare your academic certificates and official transcripts
  • Prepare documentary evidence of employment if your career episodes are based on your work experiences

ANZSCO 233111: Chemical Engineer Job Description in Australia

Chemical Engineers in Australia have to undertake multiple duties during their jobs. Some of the significant job responsibilities of chemical engineers are detailed below:

  • Work in labs or process plants to test and research materials
  • Work with process engineers to make sure the processing plants operate smoothly and efficiently
  • Analyze a processing plant's performance and process to improve its production
  • Ensure the right material and equipment are used and they adhere to the specifications
  • Diagnose malfunctions in chemical plants and take remedial actions
  • Plan and implement laboratory operations to create new materials and fabricate procedures for new materials to cater to production cost and performance standards
  • Review plans for new products and submit material selection recommendations complying with design specifications and factors

ANZSCO 233111: Chemical Engineer Salary in Australia

Chemical engineers get attractive salaries and better job opportunities in Australia. The salaries of chemical engineers in Australia are in the range of $66k to $116k per year. However, the average salary a chemical engineer gets in Australia is $87,500 per year. Salaries may vary from person to person as per their engineering skills in the particular practice area and the experiences they own.

How To Write CDR For Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO CODE: 233111)?

A CDR is an extensive piece of writing and a technical report. Hence, you have to put in your utmost effort to prepare such kinds of reports. A CDR for chemical engineer consists of three elements:

Three Career Episode Report (CER)

You have to prepare three career episodes to define your chemical engineering knowledge and talent from distinct aspects of your engineering activities. Each career episode should focus on how you applied your engineering skills in the nominated occupation. Each narrative should be written in a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words. The elements and units of your competency should be:

  • Knowledge and skill base
  • Engineering application ability
  • Professional and personal attributes

You have to write each career episode in a proper format (introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary). Each career episode must demonstrate the application of your engineering knowledge in the nominated occupation.

CDR Summary Statement (SS)

You need to write a summary statement after the completion of your career episodes. You have to analyze all your career episodes first to check whether you have addressed all the competency elements or not and then provide the analysis result in the summary statement. A summary statement cross-references your competency elements with a particular paragraph in the career episode where they occur.

A CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

You are required to prepare a list of all your relevant CPDs. You must list your CPD in a table format consisting of the title, date, duration, location, and organizer details. A career episode is a mode by which you keep up-to-date yourself with the development and advancement in the engineering field after your undergraduate qualification. It may contain the details of conferences, seminars, short courses, discussion groups, technical inspections and technical meetings, and workshops you have attended.

Points To Remember While Preparing CDR For Chemical Engineering (ANZSCO: 233111)

  • You must prepare your CDR application for chemical engineering by conforming to Engineers Australia's guidelines and procedures.
  • You should number each career episode and the paragraphs within so that you can give the reference of them in the summary statement perfectly.
  • You must write your CDR in English language and in your own words as it acts as evidence of your communication skills to your assessor.
  • You must write all the narratives in active voice form by using first-person singular pronouns.
  • You must keep your material away from plagiarism and grammatical errors as such type of conduct is prohibited by Engineers Australia.
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