A CDR is a short name given to a competency demonstration report, which is essential to get a skilled migration visa or permanent residency in Australia. You have to lodge a CDR application for skills assessment. A CDR report demonstrates your engineering abilities and knowledge in the nominated occupation. Engineers Australia (EA) the leading assessing body in Australia assesses your CDR report to check whether your competency elements meet the required eligibility or not. Hence, it is crucial to undergo a migration skills assessment in order to get EA's approval for Australian immigration.

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What is Electrical Engineer CDR?

To get job opportunities in Australia as an electrical engineer, you are required to go through a migration skills assessment. It is important to get the EA's approval for skilled Australian immigration. So, you need to prepare a CDR report for Electrical Engineer for Engineers Australia skills assessment. To display your electrical engineering knowledge and skills, you will have to nominate your preferred occupational category (Professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate and engineering manager). You are required to prepare the following documents:

  • Personal documents: Prime ID, passport-style photograph, English language test result, and resume
  • Academic certificates and official transcripts
  • Three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD
  • Documentary evidence of employment if career episodes are based on work experiences

Electrical Engineer Job Responsibility in Australia

As an electrical engineer, you have to deal with electronics, power, control systems, and signal processing. Electrical engineers work in several industries including telecommunication companies, power generation stations, and instrumentation development companies. You can also work in resources and mining industries, helping other professionals in operating the firm's machines. Moreover, electrical engineers undertake the following job responsibilities:

  • Plan and design power stations and power generation equipment
  • Illustrate specifications, drawings, regulations, and standards regarding electrical power equipment and use
  • Establish delivery and installation schedules for machines, switchgear, cables, and fittings
  • Develop products such as electric motors, components, equipment, and appliances
  • Organize and manage resources used in the supply of electrical machines, components, equipment, and appliances
  • Design and install control and signaling equipment for road, rail, and air traffic
  • Supervise the operation and maintenance of power stations, transmission and distribution systems, and industrial plants

Electrical Engineer Salary in Australia

There is a great demand for electrical engineers in Australia. Electrical engineers not only get better remuneration in Australia but also get a better working environment, good career growth, and a better life balance. The basic pay range for an electrical engineer in Australia is $85k to $130k/yr. The average salary for an electrical engineer is $112,000 per year in Australia.

How To Write Australia CDR For Electrical Engineer (ANZSCO: 233311)?

Australia CDR is a lengthy and extensive piece of writing, which requires your utmost effort and a great amount of time. You have to plan your writing and allot a significant time for each section so that you can track your work effectively. A CDR contains three elements:

Three Career Episodes Report (CERs)

Your career episodes define your engineering education and work experiences. You have to write each career episode based on different aspects of your engineering activities. In each episode, you must focus on how you applied your engineering skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. Each career episode should emphasize any engineering problems you identified and any particular problem-solving techniques you applied. Before you start writing your career episodes for electrical engineering, you have to choose three projects or activities to demonstrate your competency elements. Each career episode should be in a proper format including:

  • Introduction: This section introduces the readers to the career episode that may include the chronology, the geographical location, and the organization's name.
  • Background: This provides the context in which you have been studying or working.
  • Personal engineering activity: This is the main body of the narrative that illustrates the actual work performed by you. It describes what you did and how you did it.
  • Summary: This summarizes the engineering activity and your role in it.

CDR Summary Statement

You are required to prepare a summary statement to highlight the competency elements along with the particular paragraph in the career episodes where they occur. Once you have completed all your career episodes, you have to analyze them to ensure you have mentioned all the competency elements in the nominated occupation. You must show the analysis result in the summary statement.

CDR CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

You have to prepare a list of CPD in a table format consisting of the title, date, duration, location, and organizer details. A CPD shows how you keep yourself up-to-date with the development in the engineering field. It may include conferences, seminars, workshops, short courses, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings that you have attended.

Point To Remember While Writing Australia CDR Report For Electrical Engineering (ANZSCO: 233311)

  • You must write your electrical engineering CDR in the English language and in your own words.
  • You must write your documents by complying with MSA guidelines and procedures.
  • You must include reliable and ample evidence to support each career episode.
  • You must number each career episode and the paragraphs within so that you can refer to them later in the summary statement.
  • Consider writing each narrative in active voice by using first-person singular pronouns.
  • You must ensure that your CDR report is free from plagiarism and grammatical errors.
  • You must write your documents in persuasive language and coherent form.
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