A competency demonstration report (CDR) is vital for your Skilled Australian immigration. You are required to write a CDR application for migration skills assessment. A CDR is an Australian pathway through which you can immigrate to Australia. You have to demonstrate the application of your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation through your CDR for skills assessment. The assessor, Engineers Australia (EA) evaluates your lodged CDR report to check whether you are eligible for the nominated occupation or not. Hence, it is essential to go through a migration skill assessment to get a skilled migration visa for Australia.

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What is Electronics Engineering CDR?

An electronics engineering CDR is prepared to get engineering job opportunities in the relevant field. Hence, if your target is to get a migration visa or permanent residency in Australia, you have to lodge an electronics engineering CDR to Engineers Australia for skills assessment. You are required to follow the below steps to prepare your CDR application perfectly:

  • Prepare your personal documentation; a passport-style photograph, prime ID, name change document, English language test result, and resume
  • Nominate your preferred occupation category (professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate, and engineering manager)
  • Prepare your academic certificates and official transcripts
  • Prepare documentary evidence of employment if career episodes are based on engineering experiences
  • Prepare three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD

 Electronics Engineer Job Responsibility in Australia

An electronics engineer in Australia has to undertake various job responsibilities. Some of the significant job descriptions are mentioned below:

  • Designs electronic systems, circuits, and components for computer, communication, control systems, and other industrial applications
  • Supervises installation and commissioning of computer, communication, and control systems, and ensures proper control and protection methods
  • Establishes and monitors performance and safety standards and procedures for operations, modification, maintenance, and repair of such systems
  • Designs and creates signal processing algorithms and implements these through proper selection of hardware and software
  • Conducts system evaluations and makes proper recommendations to modify designs or repair equipment as required
  • Analyzes the requirements of internal customers to determine system needs and the cost of developing electronic system plans
  • Creates apparatus and procedures to test electronic circuits, components, and systems

Electronics Engineer Salary in Australia

Electronics engineer gets better job opportunities in Australia together with high remuneration. The basic pay range of an electronics engineer in Australia is from $70k to $95k/yr. The average salary electronics engineers get in Australia is $88,017 per year. They also get bonus pay and multiple benefits along with the salary.

How To Write Australia CDR For Electronics Engineer ( ANZSCO: 233411)?

It is not a cakewalk to prepare a competency demonstration report for the Engineers Australia skills assessment. You have to put in great effort and invest sufficient time to prepare such a technical report. A CDR comprises the following elements:

Three Career Episodes Report (CERs)

A career episode is the primary element of your CDR; you are required to prepare three career episodes. Each career episode must demonstrate your engineering talent and knowledge in the nominated occupation. Each episode must focus on how you applied your engineering skills in the nominated occupation. You have to demonstrate your engineering abilities from different aspects of your engineering activities. You can base your career episode on:

  • An engineering task or activity that you have undertaken as a part of your educational program;
  • A project or activity that you have been involved with or are presently working on;
  • A particular position that you occupied or currently occupy;
  • A specific engineering problem that you were required to solve.

You must write each career episode in the proper format consisting of an introduction, background, personal engineering activities, and a summary. Each career episode should emphasize any particular engineering problem you identified and any problem-solving techniques you applied.

CDR Summary Statement

After completing your career episodes you have to prepare a summary statement for all your career episodes. You have to analyze them to check whether you have addressed all the competency elements in the nominated occupation or not. You have to display the analysis result in the summary statement. So, a summary statement highlights your competency element with a particular paragraph in the career episode where it occurs.

CDR CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

You need to frame a list of all your relevant CPDs. You must frame your CPD in a tabular format (title, date, duration, venue, and organizer). Your CPD may include the details of:

  • Conferences you have attended and where you have delivered papers
  • Seminars, workshops, short courses, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings you have attended
  • Formal post-graduation study
  • Private study (books, journals, manuals, etc)
Point To Remember While Preparing CDR for Electronics Engineering (ANZSCO: 233411)
  • You must take care of the MSA guidelines and procedures while writing your competency demonstration report.
  • You must write in your own words and in the English language
  • You should use active voice form and first-person singular pronouns while writing your narratives.
  • You must each career episode and the paragraphs within as it is necessary to prepare a summary statement.
  • Do not copy other's information as plagiarism is prohibited by Engineers Australia.
  • Keep your documents away from grammatical mistakes.
  • Write in persuasive language with a formal tone and in a coherent form.
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