A CDR for mechanical engineering plays a crucial role in achieving job opportunities in Australia. A CDR is an acronym for competency demonstration report. If you want your skilled migration visa for Australia, you have to lodge your CDR application for migration skills assessment. You need to display your engineering abilities and knowledge in the nominated occupational category through your CDR application. The leading professional body in Australia, Engineers Australia (EA) evaluates your report to check whether you are eligible for the nominated occupation or not.

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What is Mechanical Engineer CDR?

You have to prepare a CDR for Mechanical Engineer to undergo a migration skills assessment. You can only get a migration visa if you succeed in the skills assessment. Hence, you have to catch EA's attention for a successful skills assessment. You have to demonstrate your mechanical engineering abilities and knowledge in the preferred nominated occupational category. Moreover, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD (continuing professional development)
  • Personal documentation; prime ID, passport style photograph, English language test result, resume, and name change document (if any)
  • Academic certificates, official transcripts, and any other relevant academic documents
  • Evidence of employment if career episodes are based on engineering work experiences

Mechanical Engineer Job Responsibility in Australia

If you want to become a mechanical engineer in Australia, you must know the roles and responsibilities that a mechanical engineer undertakes. A mechanical engineer has to perform various tasks during the job:

  • Studies organizational charts, project information, and organizational charts to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to recognize areas of duplication
  • Establishes work management programs and analyzes work samples to develop standards for labor utilization
  • Develops specifications for manufacture and determines equipment, materials, piping, material flows, capacities, and layout of plant and systems
  • Organizes and manages project labour and the delivery of materials, plant, and equipment
  • Inspects plants to ensure optimum safety is maintained
  • Establishes standards and policies for installation, quality control, modification, testing, inspection, and maintenance as per engineering principles and safety regulations
  • Designs mechanical components, equipment, machines, products for manufacture, and plants, and systems for construction

Mechanical Engineer Salary in Australia

There is a huge demand for mechanical engineers in Australia. They get better job opportunities in Australia along with better emoluments. The basic pay range of a mechanical engineer in Australia lies between $80k and $110k/yr. The average basic salary for a mechanical engineer in Australia is $99,511 per year.

How To Write CDR For Mechanical Engineering (ANZSCO: 233512)?

A CDR (competency demonstration report) is a lengthy report that needs to be written with utmost care. You have to allocate yourself proper time for each section to make your time measurable and complete your report on time. It consists of three elements that are described below:

Three Career Episodes Report (CERs)

Career episodes are an account of your engineering education and work experiences. You have to write three career episodes based on distinct aspects of your engineering activities. Each episode must focus on how you applied your engineering talent and knowledge in the nominated occupation. Your career episodes may be based on:

  • An engineering task that you have undertaken as a part of your educational program
  • A project you have been involved with or are currently working on
  • A specific position that you held or currently hold
  • A particular engineering problem that you were required to solve

Each career episode should be written in essay form. You must write each career episode around 1000 words to 2500 words. Each career episode comprises the same format (introduction, background, personal engineering activities, and summary).

Summary Statement For Engineers Australia

You are required to provide a summary statement for all your career episodes. Once you have completed your career episodes, you have to analyze and evaluate them to make sure you have addressed all the required competency elements in the nominated occupation. Your analysis result must be shown in the summary statement.

CDR CPD (Continuing professional development)

You need to prepare a list of all your relevant CPDs in table format containing title, date, duration, location, and organizer details. You may include the following details in your CPD:

  • The formal study of your post-graduation
  • Conferences you have visited and at which you have delivered papers
  • Seminars, workshops, short courses, technical inspections, and technical meetings that you have attended
  • Private study of your books, journal, and manuals
Points To Remember While Writing EA CDR for Mechanical Engineering (ANZSCO: 233512)
  • You must adhere to all the guidelines and instructions cited by Engineers Australia while writing your competency demonstration report.
  • You must write in the English language and in your own words.
  • You should include reliable and sufficient evidence to support each career episode.
  • You must number each paragraph in each of your career episodes so that you can construct your summary statement perfectly.
  • You must write in an active voice form and first-person singular pronoun.
  • Keep your report away from any kind of plagiarism and grammatical errors.
  • Frame your CDR report in a coherent form by keeping all the parameters intact.
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