A CDR (competency demonstration report) is mandatory to prepare when it comes to getting a skilled migration visa for Australia. You have to go through a migration skills assessment to achieve your target of Australian immigration. A CDR requires you to demonstrate your engineering skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. The leading professional and assessing authority in Australia, Engineer Australia (EA) assesses your CDR application to check your eligibility for the nominated occupation. So, to get EA's approval for Australian immigration you must prepare a compelling CDR report.

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What is CDR in Production or Plant Engineering?

If you aim to get engineering job opportunities as a production or plant engineer in the nominated occupation in Australia, you will have to lodge a CDR application for skills assessment. You need to illustrate your engineering abilities in the nominated occupation through your CDR application. A CDR is a lengthy report, so you have to prepare the following documents:

  • You need to prepare personal documentation: prime ID, passport-style photograph, a name change document, resume, and The English language test result.
  •  You have to prepare your academic certificates and official transcripts.
  • You must prepare the three elements of a CDR; three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD statement.
  • If you base your career episodes on work experiences, you must provide documentary evidence of employment.

Production or Plant Engineer Job Responsibility In Australia

Production or Plan engineers in Australia have to perform several engineering tasks; design, organize, direct, and coordinate the design, construction, modification, performance, and maintenance of equipment and machines in industrial plan and the management and planning of manufacturing activities. Moreover, they undertake the following job responsibilities:

  • Make specifications for the manufacture, and determine materials, piping, equipment, material flows, capacities, and layout of plant and systems
  • Establish standards and policies for installation, quality control, modification, testing, inspection, and maintenance in accordance with engineering principles and safety regulations
  • Direct the maintenance of plant buildings and equipment, and coordinate the requirements for new designs, surveys, and maintenance schedules
  • Organize and manage project labor and the delivery of materials and equipment
  • Establish work management programs and analyze work samples to develop standards for labor utilization
  • Monitor and inspect the plant to ensure optimum performance is maintained

Production or Plant Engineer Salary in Australia

The Production or Plant Engineers get decent salaries along with a better working atmosphere, and life culture in Australia. The basic pay range of plant or production engineers in Australia is around $66k to $119k/yr. Moreover, a production or plant engineer gets an average annual salary of $95,200 in Australia.

How To Write Australia CDR For Production or Plant Engineer (ANZSCO: 233513) In Australia?

When writing a CDR for a Plant or Production Engineer, you have to take care of the guidelines and procedures stated by Engineers Australia. A competency report is an extensive piece of writing that requires your utmost effort and time. You should allocate yourself a significant amount of time to prepare the following elements of a CDR:

Three Career Episodes

You have to demonstrate your engineering abilities as a production or plant engineer through your education and experience in your career episodes; you have to write three career episodes based on different aspects of your engineering activities. Each career episode you write should focus on how you applied your engineering skills in the nominated occupation. Each narrative should comprise four sections; introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary. You need to write each episode in an essay form and do not format it into a table. Your career episodes should be based on the following units and elements of competency:

  • Knowledge and skills base
  • Engineering application ability
  • Professional and personal attributes

You are required to write each episode in a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words. You must choose proper projects or activities that you have undertaken to define your skills proficiently.

CDR Summary Statement

You have to produce a summary statement for entire career episodes to summarize key competency elements in the nominated occupation. Your summary statement should cross-reference the competency element with the particular paragraph in the career episode where it occurs. Your analysis result of career episodes must be shown in the summary statement.

CDR CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

You have to provide a list of CPD in a table format (title, date, duration, location, and organizer). A CPD states how you keep yourself updated with the development in the engineering field after your undergraduate qualification. It may contain the following details:

  • A formal study of your post-graduation
  • Conferences you have visited and at which you have delivered papers
  • Workshops, seminars, short courses, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings that you have attended
Point To Remember in Writing CDR for Production or Plant Engineering

First and foremost, you have to conform to all the guidelines and procedures while writing your competency demonstration report.

  • Consider writing each narrative in your own words and in the English language.
  • You must use active voice form and first-person pronouns such as 'I' or 'me' instead of 'we' or 'us'.
  • Do not forget to number each of your career episodes and the paragraphs within as it is necessary to draft your summary statement.
  • You must write your material in persuasive language with a formal tone and in a coherent form.
  • Keep your CDR plagiarism-free and errorless as EA strictly prohibits such conduct.

Australian visa options for Production or Plant Engineer - ANZSCO 233513

11/08/2020 (current)

189 Visa

491 Visa (Provisional)(Family Sponsored)

Number of total invitations


Points Score



Visa date of effect

18/03/2020 10:04

PM (Invitation Round: 11/04/2020)


14/07/2020 (Previous)

189 Visa

489 Visa (Provisional) (Family Sponsored)

Points Score



Visa date of effect

18/03/2020 10:04

PM (Invitation Round: 11/04/2020)


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