ACS RPL Skills Assessment

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is a professional authority and apex body representing Australia’s technology sector. ACS is authorised to evaluate the qualification and skills of IT and Data Science professionals. Before eligible candidates apply for a migration visa, they need to undertake an ACS migration skills assessment. When applying for the ACS migration skills assessment, they need to choose among the four assessment pathways based on their level of experience and IT qualifications. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is one of the assessment pathways, which is for applicants who have tertiary qualifications with insufficient or no ICT qualification or who do not possess any recognised tertiary qualification.

Through ACS RPL Skills Assessment Pathway, the assessor assesses whether applicants’ skills and experience or past study can count towards a qualification. Hence, the candidates who want their migration visa depending on the recognition of their prior learning, must apply for the ACS RPL Skills Assessment. 

Eligibility To Apply

Before applying for RPL skills assessment, applicants must check whether they meet the eligibility criteria. To successfully apply for the assessment, applicants must possess the following:

If their qualification is evaluated as an AQF Diploma or higher with insufficient or no ICT content, they will need to have 6 years of relevant work experience completed anytime in the past. Additionally, they must prepare a proper RPL application to meet the eligibility criteria. 

If they do not have any recognised tertiary educational qualification then they will need to have 8 years of relevant work experience along with a proper RPL application to meet the eligibility criteria. 

How To Demonstrate 2 Projects in RPL Form?

Applicants are required to demonstrate how they have acquired ICT knowledge and skills by submitting two projects within the RPL application. Each report must display comprehensive information about a career episode within the employment history with ample evidence of applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation.

Among the two projects, one must be undertaken within the last 3 years and the other must be undertaken within the last 5 years. The project must be relevant to the ICT employment that is going to be assessed. Applicants must provide sufficient details in the two projects the demonstrate the extensive ICT knowledge acquired during their ICT employment. 

Points To Remember Writing Two Projects:-

  • The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) project reports must be entirely their own work and not submitted by others. 
  • Make sure of the originality and authenticity of the work as ACS can use software applications to check the submitted work for matches either to already published sources or other submitted applications. 
  • In some cases, ACS may ask to re-submit project reports and other written work submitted with the application for checking by plagiarism detection services. 
  • Must reference all the quoted and paraphrased material and note all sources in the report. 
  • Failing to disclose any information included in the project report that is not one’s own, will result in an improper assessment.
  • Must provide documentary evidence of work experience that validates one’s employment, position and role, and skill level. 

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Professional Currency Evidence Preparation For ACS RPL Australia

Applicants must submit two forms of professional currency evidence that display their skills and currency in the nominated ANZSCO code. They can provide evidence among the categories given below, however, all evidence must relate to the nominated occupation and chosen skills and be accomplished within the last 2 years.

Professional Traning And Certification (non-degree)IT vendor certification (i.g. CCNA), credentials, or certificates (completed or in progress)
Professional ArtefactsAttributed work or awards (e.g. publication, research, code, scripts, applications, databases, awards, patents, copyrights, websites, etc.)
Professional Development And Industry Engagement Professional memberships, workshops, events, seminars, or speaking engagements.