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The National Engineering Register (NER) is a comprehensive directory established in 2015 by Engineers Australia to recognize the engineers who have high standards of skills, qualifications, and professionalism expected in the industry. It is a national framework of registration for professional engineers, engineering technologists, and engineering associates in the public and private sectors. Moreover, it is a publicly searchable database that gives businesses and individuals access to a highly qualified team of engineers, endorsed by the engineering peak body, Engineers Australia. 

Eligibility To Join The NER –

For engineering professionals, achieving and displaying NER credentials is a way to demonstrate their engineering experience, talent, and skills to prospective employers and clients. To apply for an NER credential, engineers do not need to be a member of Engineers Australia. To become eligible to apply for the NER Register, aspiring engineers need to cater to the following criteria –

  • Candidates must have Engineers Australia recognized engineering qualification, a successful Engineers Australia migrations skills assessment, or a membership competency assessment. 
  • Candidates must have five or more years of full-time equivalent engineering work experience relevant to the field in the last 10 years, with at least 4 years of full-time equivalent post-graduate experience. 
  • Candidates must meet all five NER Competencies. 

NER Competencies Writing Service Australia

Engineers need to prove they can practice independently by showcasing the following five NER competencies –

Element of Competence What This Competence Means In Practice
Deal with ethical issues means you anticipate the consequences of your intended action or inaction and understand how the consequences are managed collectively by your organisation, project, or team and
means you demonstrate an ability to identify ethical issues when they arise and to act appropriately. 
Practice competentlymeans you assess, acquire, and apply the competencies and resources appropriate to engineering activities.
Develop safe and sustainable solutions means that you apply and implement current workplace health and safety requirements and
means that you identify the economic, social, and environmental impacts of engineering activities and
means that you anticipate and manage the short and long-term effects of engineering activities. 
Identify, assess, and manage risksmeans that you develop and operate within a hazard and risk framework appropriate to engineering activities 
Local engineering knowledgemeans that you acquire and apply local engineering knowledge and 
means that where appropriate, you apply engineering knowledge contributed by other people including suppliers, consultants, contractors, and independent experts. 

Process To Applying For An NER Credential:-

  • One needs to make an account in the member portal 
  • Next, log in and complete the self-assessment form to rate oneself against the NER competencies and apply for NER
  • Furthermore, acquire two relevant referees who can verify one’s recent work experience 
  • Get an  NER  interview  with a qualified Engineers Australia assessor
  • Obtain one’s result notification. If succeeds, one will be automatically added to the NER.

If a candidate is a member of Engineers Australia, he/she can also get the NER recognition when he/she applies for a chartered credential. 

Documentation Required For National Engineering Register (NER):

  • Expanded CV – Detail the projects one has been responsible for and one’s key achievements. It includes the problems, difficult situations, and opportunities one has encountered. The specific knowledge and skills one applied and the outcome achieved. 
  • Self-Assessment Form (SAF) – Describe how one has met the selected competency elements.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – List the training and courses to show how one has kept oneself up-to-date with other career development programs.
  • Professional Referee Statement – Provide the names and contact details of two referees who can verify one’s latest work experience. 
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance Cover – Confirm the valid PI insurance cover. 

List of NER Areas Of Practice

Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Structural Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Cost Engineering Subsea Engineering 
Biomedical Engineering Construction EngineeringSystem Engineering
Environmental Engineering Building Services EngineeringHeritage and Conservation Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringRisk Engineering Petroleum Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Fire Safety EngineeringProject Management
Civil Engineering Asset ManagementNaval Architecture 
Oil And Gas Pipeline Engineering Mechatronics EngineeringPressure Equipment Design Verification 
Leadership And Management Amusement Rides And DevicesInformation, Telecommunications, and Electronics Engineering

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