CDR Writing Services Sydney

When going through a successful migration skills assessment, many candidates lack skills in writing a perfect CDR for Engineers Australia (EA). They do not know how to craft a CDR to achieve EA’s approval for Australian immigration on the first attempt. This is where they need someone’s help who is an expert in this field. 

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Professional CDR Writer In Sydney

A qualified panel of CDR Writers in Sydney is available around the clock to support needy candidates in drafting amazing reports. The in-house team of professional writers for each engineering specialization makes sure every candidate gets well-crafted reports within the deadline. They provide a one-stop solution as they assist in career episodes, a summary statement, a CPD list, and a resume/CV preparation, as well as project selection. We help candidates in the following manner:-

  • prepare documents meeting the requirements and deadlines to ensure they can lead candidates to the success of Australian immigration.
  • provide well-written, impeccable, and plagiarism-free reports with a 100% success and approval rate. 
  • grant candidates the utmost satisfaction through their assured quality, reliability, affordability, and free modification facility. 
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How To Write CDR Engineers Australia?

A Australia CDR is an extensive report comprising three elements;

  • 3 Career Episode,
  • Summary Statement, and
  • CPD (continuing professional development).

Aspiring engineers need to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and experience they have gained in the nominated occupation through their competency demonstration report. To succeed in the CDR skills assessment, candidates need to write an assessment report perfectly in the required format meeting the standards.

Writing Three CDR Career Episodes

  • Before writing career episodes, one must select three projects from an educational program and engineering work experience. 
  • One must describe each career episode based on different aspects of their engineering activities. 
  • Each career episode must be written in the same format; introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary. 
  • Write each career episode in active voice and following first-person singular pronouns since it also acts as evidence of communication to the assessor. 
  • Must number each career episode and each paragraph to write coherently.
  • Write each section by following the prescribed word limit and adhering to the guidelines. 

Writing Summary Statement 

  • After completing career episodes, one must analyze them to ensure that one has addressed all the key competency elements in the nominated occupation. 
  • Prepare a summary statement in the required template given for each nominated occupation; Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Manager, and Engineering Associate.
  • Highlight all the key competency elements with the episode and paragraph numbers in the summary statement. 

Writing CPD (Continue Professional Development)

  • Make a list of all relevant CPDs and provide it in a table format including (title, date, duration, venue, and organizer).
  • Provide formal post-graduation study details.
  • Mention short courses, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, technical meetings, and technical inspections that one has attended.
  • Mention conferences where one has attended and delivered papers.
  • Mention preparation and presentation of materials courses, seminars, conferences, and symposia. 
What Happens If CDR Gets Rejected?

If a CDR of an applicant gets rejected, he/she may be banned for 12 to 36 months but after the period, they can reapply for migration skills assessment. Engineers Australia CDR is rejected for various reasons; the most common reasons are that EA finds the document not original, plagiarised, and copied from others. 

If EA has any doubt about the applicants’ credentials, they have the right to cancel the candidature for 12, 24, or 36 months. After the ban period, candidates can apply again for skills assessment by correcting their mistakes.