Sample CDR For Civil Engineer Career Episode 1

CE1.1 Introduction

The project “An Algorithm for
Design of Channel Bend Flocculator” was accomplished during my enrollment
as a Civil Engineering undergraduate student at Babasaheb Naik College of
Engineering,Pusad, India. I executed the projectin the final year. It was part
of my last semester’s curriculum. I worked on this project from 2005 to 2006. I
worked with a team of three. I functioned as the leader of the group under the
guidance of Prof. P.V Durge. 

CE1.2 Background

of the project

The toxicity of polluted water
affects human health, along with an increase in environmental hazards. The
treatment of water was an emerging topic for research in Indian rural areas
when this project was conducted, and it is there even now.In this project, we
designed the hydraulic type of flocculator, which will purify water throughits
flow pattern.

The project focused on the design of
the channel bend flocculatorandthe development of an algorithm for it. This
project was majorly aimed to evaluate the efficiency of the helicoidally setup
channel flocculator in the elimination of the turbidity. The determination of
the variation in kinetic energy, velocity gradient, energy loss, and pattern of
the flow was also carried out.

and responsibilities

Being the team head, I was
responsible for performing the literature study regarding the project. I was
liable to sort the materials required for the experiment. I was accountable for
the preparation of turbid water, alum solution.I was also responsible for
implementing the tests on channel flocculator. Similarly, the development of an
algorithm for determining the flow properties also fell under my
responsibility. I was liable for the managerial activities too.

I performed the task of components
and material selection required for performing the experimental study. Also, I
executed the preparation of turbid water and alum solution. Similarly, I
calculated different factors, such as kinetic energy, velocity gradient, and
energy loss. Apart from that, I accomplished the algorithm development process
for determining the longitudinal velocity at any point in the curve.


Sample CDR For Civil Engineer Career Episode 2


I joined ‘Creative Designers &
Developers’ in 2006 after completing my graduation in Civil Engineering. I
started working there from May 2006 till September 2009 as a Civil Engineer. I
was responsible for site monitoring, material management, coordination.

This career episode is about residential
and commercial buildings within the same premises. We, Creative Designers and
Developers were developing a site in Pusad, Maharashtra, India. The project was started in December 2006 and
completed in January 2008.This project was conducted under the observation of
Mr Aftab Ahmed (Founder & Owner).


Nature of the project

This project was the extension to the
existing residential apartment project with additional residential apartments
and commercial units along the periphery of the residential area. There were a total
of 60 apartments in two buildings. Each building was having one-bedroom and
two-bedroom apartments. In addition to this, there were 28 commercial units on
two floors on the front side of the premises. Three water tanks of 150,000 lit.
capacity each were planned to construct at the backside near the boundary wall.
The slab of these water tanks was supposed to be used as vehicle parking for
visitors with steel fabrication shades.

The project started with the site
survey, studying drawings, selecting material, estimation and supply of
material, site execution. The aim was to complete the project within, time and
budget with required quality and standard.

CE2.2.3 Roles and responsibilities:

I was a Site Engineer for this project responsible for site execution, planning, management, monitoring, dealing with structural consultant and suppliers. This includes the following responsibilities also.

  • Understanding the scope of work
  • Initial site survey
  • Setout and layout marking at site
  • Material and labour estimation
  • Organizing material and labour for work
  • Dealing with consultant, suppliers
  • Site execution as per drawing and required quality
  • Solving site-related issues
  • Preparing weekly and monthly labour and material report
  • Monitoring all the activities on site
  • Weekly stock check and arrangement of required material at the site
  • Successful completion of the project and handing over to the client

Sample CDR For Civil Engineer  Career Episode3


CE3.1 Introduction

I joined Kavlekar Constructions, Goa,
India in September 2011. I worked as a Project Engineer (Civil). I was working
in Kavlekar Constructions till March 2013. I was responsible for site
execution, labor and material management, material procurement, design and
drafting whenever required and delivering project with required standards in
given time.

Kavlekar Constructions is a Goa,
India based contracting firm deals with all structural and architectural works.
They are specialized in apartments, villas, and hotel projects. Devendra
Kavlekar is the owner of the company. There are 55-60 people working in the
company out of which 2 were office based, 6 supervisors and other labors.

This episode represents construction
of residential building at Taligaon, Goa, India. The project was started in
November 2011 and successfully completed in September 2012. The total cost for
the project (only structural and architectural work) was INR 7.00 Million. This
project was conducted under the observation of Devendra Kavlekar (owner) of
Kavlekar Constructions.

CE3.2 Background

CE3.2.1 Nature of the Project

This episode is about stregthning of
the beam for a construction of wall above it. After the completion of
structural work, the client wanted to add two extra walls on level 1. As per
clients requirements, the two big rooms to be divided in to four small rooms by
construction a wall at two different locations.My responsibility was to carry out the construction of wallsby doing the
necessary strentghning of beam to take the load of additional wall by analyzing
the structure and by using the most economical method.

CE3.2.3Roles and responsibilities

analyse the architectural, structural drawings, evaluate material, labour and
equipment required and execute the site

and design of astructureusing design STAAD Pro.

construction methods, construction program and follow it on site

with suppliers, sub-contractors, client for smoothly execution

of required material from the store and maintain data in the system

and certification of supplier’s and sub-contractor’s claims

health and safety at the site

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