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The Engineering Executive (EngExec) credential recognizes the prominent individuals for the Executive position who possess exceptional leadership and management competencies—obtaining the EngExec credential grants an opportunity to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Australian engineering profession. The EngExec credential is not only for engineering professionals but also for senior business leaders who work in the engineering sector but aren’t engineers. Moreover, the opportunity to apply for it is only offered to selected individuals on an invitation-only basis. 

Eligibility For EngExec Credential

Individuals do not need to be a member of Engineers Australia to be invited to apply for Engineering Executive. However, if individuals aren’t Engineers Australia members, they must join as Engineers Australia members during the application process. Eligible applicants will get a comprehensive invitation letter describing how to apply for the EngExec credential.

Applicants have 15 or more years of industry experience and be in a senior leadership and management role to be eligible to apply for Eng Executive. If applicants are invited to apply, they will also need to be able to showcase the required leadership and management competencies for EngExec and accomplish a self-assessment. 

If candidates meet the eligibility criteria for EngExec but haven’t received an invitation, they can email Engineers Australia expressing their interest in applying. 

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Element Of Competency 
1.1 Exercise personal attributes of leadership
1.2 Exercise leadership in organizations
1.3 Appreciate stakeholder
1.4 Promote the engineering profession
1.5 Display creativity 
1.6 Manage Workplace Change

 Strategic Direction And Entrepreneurship 

Element of Competency
2.1 Provide strategic direction and display entrepreneurship
2.2 Embrace new technology
2.3 Assess feasibility 
2.4 Appreciate risk
2.5 Establish business financing 
2.6 Recognise the importance of personnel aspects
2.7 Establish business structures


Element of Competency
3.1 Undertake business planning 
3.2 Manage risk 
3.3 Undertake market planning 
3.4 Undertake operational planning 

 Change And Improvement

Element of Competency
4.1 Review Organisational performance and identify improvement opportunities 
4.2 Plan improvements 
4.3 Implement improvements
4.4 Verify effectiveness of improvements

Customer Focus 

Element of Competency
5.1 Research customers
5.2 Manage communication with customer
5.3 Assess customer satisfaction

Processes, Products And Services 

Element of Competency
6.1 Employ innovation
6.2 Manage improvement
6.3 Apply quality measures to services and products

People/Human Resources 

Element of Competency
7.1 Manage self 
7.2 Behave Ethically 
7.3 Recruit employees 
7.4 Manage employees
7.5 Dismiss employees 
7.6 Promote well-being and morale 

 Supplier Relationship 

Element of Competency
8.1 Develop supplier strategy
83.2 Select suppliers
8.3 Specify requirements
8.4 Undertake surveillance/ monitoring


Element of Competency
9.1 Identify & source information needs
9.2 Collect, analyse, and report information
9.3 Use management information systems and document control systems
9.4 Prepare submissions
9.5 Manage intellectual property
9.6 Work with legal documents and systems
9.7 Use Standards

 Finance, Accounting, and Administration 

Element of Competency
10.1 Handle financing
10.2 Manage accounts
10.3 Manage auditing
10.4 Exercise fraud control
10.5 Manage health and safety

Post-Nominals Of EngExec

After the successful outcome of the EngExec application, candidates will receive the post-nominal of Engineering Executive that they can use after their name. Candidates who aren’t chartered with Engineers Austalia will also receive the chartered credential. Based on the occupational category, they can receive one among the following post-nominals:

  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • Chartered Technologist (CEngT)
  • Chartered Associate (CEngA)

What Are the Benefits Of Having an EngExec Digital Badge?

Successful candidates can share an EngExec credential as a digital badge and show their achievements. They can demonstrate their professional capability to employers, peers, and prospective clients by representing their EngExec credentials with a verified digital badge. 

EngExec Assessment Fees

Applicants who are Engineer Australia members applying for EngExec need to pay the application fee of $1985 and those who are non-members pay the fee of $2270 including GST. This fee is for annual membership for the rest of the financial year. 

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