VETASSESS Skills Assessment

Engineering professionals who want to work in Australia in their trade, profession, or specialized occupation mandatorily go through the VETASSES Assessment. VETASSESS is the governing body in Australia that assesses the application of several professionals willing to work in Australia on a skilled visa. 

VETASSESS Skills Assessment report is provided by AustraliaCDRHelp.Com which is Australia’s online trusted website. This skills assessment evaluates and recognizes the skills, qualifications, and experience that the engineers have gained in their home country to grant them the opportunity to continue their skilled career in Australia. It assesses whether the professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation or not.

VETASSESS Assessment Documents Checklist

  • Proof of Identity 
  • A recent passport-size colored Photograph
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Evidence Of Qualification 
  • Evidence of Employment 
  • Name Change Document
  • Supplying A Statutory Declaration Or Affidavit 
  • Application Fee 

How To Make Statement Of Service For VETASSESS Australia?

Applicants need to provide the assessor with the required employment evidence for each employment position listed in the skills assessment application. Hence, candidates need to provide a statement of service which is a written statement by the employer confirming the applicant’s employment on official letterhead.

Official letterhead showcases the organization’s full address details, telephone, email, and website addresses. Moreover, the applicant must have the content of the letter signed by the direct supervisor or the manager of the human resource department. 

How To Produce The Evidence of Work Activities Or Project List?

  • If the candidate nominates for the occupation of Management Consultant must use the proper project list template to describe the representative sample of the consultancy engagement that he/she was involved in for each period of employment over the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates for a program or Project Administrator occupation, he/she must use the required project list template to describe at least three projects that he/she was involved in within the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates for any sales occupation like Sales Representative (Industrial Products), Sales Representative (Medical And Pharmaceutical Products), or Technical Sales Representative nec, must use the proper sales list template to prepare a representative sample of the sales activities that he/she has administered for each period of employment within the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates the occupation of Conference And Event Organizer, must use the required event list template to interpret the representative sample of the event engagement that he/she was involved in for each period of employment within the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates any of the ICT Sales occupations including ICT Business Development Manager, ICT Account Manager, and ICT Sales Representative, must use the ICT Sales list template to describe the representative sample of sales activities that he/she undertook for each period of employment within the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates any farmer occupations such as Aquaculture Farmer, Crop Farmers nec, Dairy Cattle Farmer, Goat Farmer, Deer Farmer, Mixed Crop Farmer, Beef Cattle Farmer, Mixed Livestock Farmer, Pig Farmer, Poultry Farmer or more must use the farmer activities list template to detail the representative sample of the farm activities that he/she was done for each period of employment within the last five years. 
  • If the candidate nominates any design/drafting-related occupations like Graphic Designer, Photographer, Multimedia Designer, Fashion Designer, Web Designer, Interior Designer, and many more, must upload samples of his/her design work, not more than 5MB per sample or provide a link to his/her portfolio in the online application submission. 

How To Apply For the VETASSESS Skills Assessment?

There are several application processes based on the visa an individual applies for and his occupation. So, the candidates must understand which application they need to follow before they begin.

Know Your Application Requirements – Each VETASSESS occupation requires specific qualifications and employment experience that applicants must match to get their skills assessed. So, candidates must search for the occupation to determine what requirements they must match. 

Make The Documents Ready To Upload – It is important to ensure that all the necessary documents are in the proper format and ready to upload. It will help to avoid any delay in the application process. 

Explore Priority Processing – Priority processing is a kind of service that Fastrack the application assessment but is only present for general and professional occupations. To use this service candidates need to apply for it before lodging the skills assessment application.

Types of Occupations Assessed by VETASSESS

  1. Professional Occupation

They assess 360 professional occupations for people who want to emigrate to Australia as skilled migrants.

Some of the occupations are:

  • Marketing Professional
  • Management Consultant
  • Cafe or Restaurant Manager
  • Internal Auditor
  1.  Trade Occupation

They assess 27 trade occupations for people wanting to migrate to Australia.

Some of the trades are:

  • Cook and Chef
  • Electrician
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Welder

 To A Skills Assessment


Once you’ve chosen your skills assessment program from the two options above, you’ll then need to decide which pathway to take. There are two options: PATHWAY 1 or PATHWAY 2. Within each pathway, you’ll also need to determine whether your trade occupation needs a licence to work in Australia


         “I don’t have an Australian qualification or occupational licence…”


        “I do have an Australian qualification or occupational licence…”

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