Mechanical Design of Lusail Multipurpose Hall Lusail, Qatar

  1. Introduction

CE 1.1

This career episode illustrates the project details which were assigned to me during my first year as a junior mechanical design engineer at Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shairand Partners). The project is entitled Lusail Multipurpose Hall and located in Lusail,Qatar. The total duration of the project was approximately 12 months. I executed the project activities in November 2011 and completed all the assigned tasks in October 2012. The project is based in Lebanon.

  1. Background:

CE 1.2

Nature of the Project

This project involved the development of the major sports arena for the Qatar Olympic Committee, which has a four-story atrium with major gathering spaces, access facilities, and on top approximately 16,000 seating concourse area. The total footprint of the project is around 45,000 square meters and 130 000 square meters for the built-up area.

CE 1.3 Statement of Duties

During the concept phase, the detailed design phase and final design phase, I handled the following:

  • Performed cooling load calculation for the whole project.
  • Calculated the fresh air and exhaust flows needed per space.
  • Involved in the balancing ofthe ventilation system to ensure the required positive/negative pressure requirements for the spaces.
  • Developed the layouts of return, supply, fresh air,& exhaust air ducting with proper sizing from air handling units& fan coil units.
  • Carried out fans’ static pressure calculation and determined the dimensions of the chilled water system in order to design a properly size chilled system.
  • Held meetings with the members of Qatar civil defense and submitted drawings and design details to get their approval.
  • Performed the Staircase Pressurization Calculations


Mechanical Design of Four Seasons Hotel in Kingdom Tower– Jeddah, KSA’

  1. Introduction

CE 2.1

This career episode would explain comprehensively the details of the project ‘Mechanical Design of Four Seasons Hotel in Kingdom Tower- Jeddah, KSA’. In this tenure, I was employed as a mechanical design engineer at Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shair and Partners). The total time allocated for this project was 12 months i.e. it was stared in June 2016 and completed in July 2017. It is located in Jeddah, KSA.

  1. Background

CE 2.2 Nature of the project

This hotel which is part of the Kingdom Tower, a planned skyscraper in Jeddah, consists of a guest room hotel on floors 20 to 26 and serviced apartments on floors 27 to 37 along with a banquet area, a spa, restaurants and support functions at podium floors. The total built up area of the project is around 60 450 square meters. The project is a five stars luxury hotel meant to be a future pole of attraction for the city.

CE 2.3

During the concept phase, detailed design phase and final design phase, I handled the following:

  • Carried out Booster pumps flows and head calculations.
  • Determined the hot water tanks storage volume and heating load capacities.
  • Designed the swimming pool plumbing system
  • Developed the layout of domestic water, drainage and storm water pipes.
  • Designed the Hotel toilets and kitchen plumbing system.


Mechanical Design of Residence Number 5Luanda,Angola


CE 3.1

In my seventh year as mechanical design engineer at Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shair and Partners), Beirut, Lebanon, I was assigned to be mechanical HVAC team leader of a new project handled by the company. The project is entitled remodeling and expansion of house N°5 in Beco do Balão located in Luanda, Angola. It is an existing luxury villa meant to be fully reconditioned.My assignment for the design lasted approximately 6 months,startingOctober 2018and untilApril 2019.


CE 3.2

Nature of the Project

The project is a remodeling and expansion of the residence number 5 located in Beco do Balão neighbor which is a prime location around the presidential palace of Angola. The project modern infrastructures and services are designed to provide a highest standing comfort and finest quality services. The residence consists of one basement, a ground floor and a first floor. It includes a gym with sauna.The total built-up area of the project is around 1400 square meters.

 CE 3.4

Statement of Duties

During the concept phase, detailed design phase and final design phase, I handled the following:

  1. Designing the HVAC system required for the villa.
  2. Assigning tasks to the junior engineer I was supervising.
  3. Handling in house meetings with other trades and coordinating the project requirements.
  4. Overviewing the calculations done by the junior engineer and ensuring they were accurate.
  5. Training interns.
  6. Project’s HVAC system presentation.
  7. Creating Dynamo tools and implementing them in the project.
  8. Preparing materials’ bill of quantity.
  9. Developing specifications for manufacture.
  10. Developing project report.

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